1 February 2021

New recommendations include citizens in the energy transition

To succeed with the European Green Deal, action from local governments, national governments and the European level will not be enough. Citizens want to, can and must support the green transition by becoming more than passive consumers.

To that end, the PROSEU project has been working since 2018 to study, support and expand the concept of „prosumerism“ – citizens producing, consuming and even selling their own renewable energy. The project is now publishing its final policy recommendations.

Inês Campos, PROSEU’s Coordinator from Fciências.ID, explains:

 „Prosumerism can contribute immensely to reaching our climate targets while making the energy transition socially-inclusive and beneficial for all. To support that, the PROSEU consortium has worked with prosumer initiatives across Europe to study and learn, and now proposes concrete and timely policy recommendations for mainstreaming prosumerism in Europe,“ she says.

The policy recommendations ‘Mainstreaming prosumerism – energy with the people’ were published on February 1 and were also featured at the Prosumer inspiration event on February 2-4. Find all the information from the event on Proseu.eu/inspiration.

The consolidated policy recommendations were co-authored by the PROSEU partners FC.ID, FEUP, ClientEarth, DRIFT, University of Zagreb, Leuphana University, Eco-union, CE Delft, IÖV and the University of Leeds, with ICLEI Europe leading the work. PROSEU is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

In January, the project also published an inspiring video and a Prosumer Inspiration Book. Watch the video below and find the inspiration book here