Related H2020 Projects

Below is a selection of projects related to PROSEU. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesiate to conact us.

ENABLE.EU - Enabling the Energy Union - will provide a better understanding of the social, economic, cultural and governance aspects of energy choices in transportation, heating & cooling and electricity, and how these can differ from one country to another. In addition, it will identify the key bottlenecks that discourage energy transitions as well as the factors that motivate people to change.

ENERGISE - European Network for Research, good practice and innovation for sustainable energy - is an innovative pan-European research initiative to achieve a greater scientific understanding of the social and cultural influences on energy consumption. It develops, tests and assesses options aimed at transforming the quality and quantity of energy use among households and communities across Europe.

SHAPE ENERGY - Social Sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European Energy - is a platform for energy-related social sciences and humanities (energy-SSH). It aims to develop Europe’s expertise in using and applying energy-SSH. The platform brings together those who ‘demand’ energy research – including businesses, policymakers, and NGOs, who can use it to develop practical initiatives – with those who ‘supply’ that research.

ECHOES - Energy Choices supporting the Energy union and the Set-plan - aims at unlocking the policy potential of an integrated social science perspective on energy behaviour. This includes socio-cultural, socio-economic, socio-political and gender issues that influence individual and collective energy choices as well as social acceptance of the energy transition in Europe. Hereby, ECHOES will foster the implementation of the SET (Strategic Energy Technologies)-Plan Actions and advance towards the Energy Transition, as well as the decarbonising of EU’s future energy system.

PV-Prosumers4Grid aims at increasing the market share and value of photovoltaics (PV) by enabling consumers to become PV prosumers. New management and business models to combine PV, storage, flexible demand and other technologies into a commercially viable product will be assessed, improved, implemented and evaluated. To achieve this, detailed guidelines for prosumers and system operators will be developed; as well as policy recommendations for national and European policy makers on how to achieve a suitable regulatory framework for prosumption. An online tool to help prosumers to get an economic assessment of PV projects will be created.

SMARTEES will (1) integrate theories and methodologies of social innovation and socio-economic simulation in a comprehensive, flexible framework; (2) develop a data collection and integrate it into five trans-European case clusters in the domains of consumer-driven regenerative energy production, energy efficiency in buildings, low-carbon regional transport and consumer empowerment; (3) create dynamic, multilevel agent-based models of successful innovation transfer; which will ultimately lead to (4) a policy sandbox which allows a realistic prospective analysis of existing and future policy and market incentive scenarios.