Prosumer Inspiration Book


Powerful examples for your community
Europe is on its way to implement a large-scale transition to a more sustainable energy system: this transition is a key ingredient for a climate neutral, more suitable and inclusive European Union. All over the EU, citizens are placed increasingly at the core of energy markets and are playing their part for more sustainability at the local level. This change has been acknowledged in the European Green Deal and a continuation and strengthening of this development is deemed central to ensuring a more sustainable and inclusive energy sector now and in the future. Citizens are no longer just passive consumers of energy, but are turning to producing and self-consuming renewable energy; they are becoming Prosumers.

This handbook therefore invites you to experience the incredibly diverse nature of collective prosumerism and to be inspired by the practical experiences of our Living Labs on how we have been able to work on jointly unlocking the potential of engaging local communities in the energy transition.

Publication date: January 2021

Author: ICLEI Europe

Language: English