21 June 2021

SAVE THE DATE - SMARTEES final conference coming up 14 September!

SMARTEES – Social Innovation Modelling Approaches to Realizing Transition to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, commenced in 2018, and is coming to an end this October. To celebrate the robust research carried out on energy transition and policy design the project is gathering its foremost experts and other pioneers in the field together in a final event to discuss findings; successess, challenges and future pathways.

The event will see presentation of SMARTEES shining examples and clusters; holistic mobility plans, district regeneration, islands and renewable energy, mobility in superblocks and energy efficiency against fuel poverty. The event will particularly highlight pathways for achieving these transitions with citizens on board and how to design approaches that take local contexts into account. Social innovation has been at the heart of the SMARTEES project, and the final conference will enable participants to delve into simulating dynamics of these processess and facilitating them, from a research and practitioners perspective. Last but not least conference sessions will include policy considerations by introducing the upcoming SMARTEES Policy Sandbox Tool - a new simulation tool helping policymakers test out social dynamics and citizen acceptance in different scenarios of mobility- and energy transition and the experts will discuss how to create policy ecosystems where social innovation can thrive.

Join us on 14th September online to learn how to incite a sustainable and socially innovative energy- and mobility transition in your vicinity! Learn more about the conference here and register here.