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Principles for Prosumer Policy Options

Policy Brief

This report offers a set of principles for prosumer policy options that allow prosumers to become an integral part of the energy system. It aims to inform and influence National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) as well as transposition into national legislation and regulation of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), the Electricity Market Directive (EMD) and the Governance Regulation by developing strategies around the involvement and mainstreaming of prosumers and renewable energy...

Publication date: September 2019

Author: Kristian Petrick, Jérémie Fosse, Salvador Klarwein (all ECO-UNION)

Language: English

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Principios de políticas para prosumidores / Principles for Prosumer Policy Options

Policy Brief

Recomendaciones para fortalecer los prosumidores y las comunidades de energía en los Planes Nacionales Integrados de Energía y Clima (PNIEC) y las políticas locales, nacionales y de la UE relacionadas Los socios del proyecto PROSEU proponen una serie de principios para las distintas opciones de políticas de prosumidores que permitirán a los prosumidores ser parte integral del sistema energético. Pretende informar e influenciar los Planes Nacionales. Integrados de Energía y Clima (PNIEC)...

Publication date: Tue 17 Sep 2019

Author: PROSEU

Language: English, Spanish

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