Materials on e-workshop on Future energy systems PIA#3


Blog from Pia #3

Introduction: PIA scene,  programme & objectives of the day by Julia Wittmayer (PROSEU/DRIFT)

Setting the (EU) regulatory scene by Kristian Petrick (PROSEU/Eco Union) and Marta Toporek (PROSEU/ClientEarth)

Highlight #1: Technical scenarios of renewable power integration, a multi-level perspective. Exploring the full potential of prosumer technology by Borna Doracic (PROSEU/UNIZAG FSB) & Nanda Naber (PROSEU/CE Delft)

Highlight #2: Enabling Energy Islands or Full Connected Communities

Highlight #3: Technical recommendations based on polls and feedback on the quantitative output by Swantje Gährs & Lena Pfeifer (IÖW)

Publication date: Wed 24 Jun 2020

Author: PROSEU

Language: English