Synthesis of incentive structures: input for Participatory Integrated Assessment


This deliverable develops a comprehensive overview of the incentive structures that shape the mainstreaming of RES prosumerism. The Incentive Structures Framework (ISF) presented here identifies and describes 17 key societal conditions, classified along the three clusters of regulatory-financial conditions, technological-material conditions and cultural-discursive conditions. The relevance is empirically substantiated through brief summaries of observations from PROSEU thematic work packages, Living Labs, and survey results. The ISF also clarifies how these societal conditions can give rise to different forms of RES prosumerism and to tensions and crossroads in the mainstreaming process. The ISF is substantiated through three analyses of political-economical, technological-infrastructural, and organisational crossroads in the mainstreaming process.

Authors: Pel, B. (DRIFT), Wittmayer, J.M. (DRIFT), Geus, T. (DRIFT), Oxenaar, S. (DRIFT), Avelino, F. (DRIFT), Fraaije, M. (DRIFT), Petrick, K. (ECO-UNION), Doračić, B. (UNIZAG), Toporek, M. (CLIENTEARTH), Brown, D. (UNIVLEEDS), Campos, I. (FC.ID), Gährs, S. (IÖW), Davis, M. (UNIVLEEDS), Horstink, L. (UPORTO), Hinsch, A. (ICLEI EUROPE), Marín-González, E. (FC.ID), Ehrtmann, M. (LEUPHANA), Klarwein, S. (ECOUNION), Fosse, J. (ECO-UNION), Hall, S. (UNIVLEEDS), Kampman, B. (CE DELFT)

Publication date: December 2019

Author: PROSEU

Language: English