Strategies for enhancing policy coherence and sustainability

Policy Brief

The overall objective of this policy brief and report on background information is to provide guidance in terms of how to make prosumer projects truly sustainable across all three sustainability dimensions, i.e. considering the environmental, social and economic perspectives. It does so by identifying and discussing the main sustainability issues facing prosumers within the three sustainability dimensions, and by providing concrete guidelines for a) prosumer initiatives (including both individual and collective prosumers) and b) policymakers.

The document provides recommendations to policymakers at EU, national, and local level on how to support and mainstream renewable energy prosumerism. Where appropriate, guidance to prosumer initiatives is given on how to make the best use of the different frameworks.

Publication date: May 2019

Author: Kristian Petrick, Jérémie Fosse, Salvador Klarwein, Mireia Reus (all ECO-UNION)

Language: English