Policies for Prosumer Business Models in the EU

Policy Brief

In this policy brief, we build on the previous discussions through an analysis of the regulatory and broader institutional challenges facing these emerging business models for the nine member states in scope1. We therefore seek to address the following questions:

  • In which member states can these business models exist and why?
  • What are the key policy constraints and enablers for their replication in other contexts?
  • How can policymakers enable their diffusion to disrupt or consolidate existing markets, institutions and stakeholders?

By addressing these questions, we aim to provide policymakers with a set of concrete recommendations for how to mainstream the prosumer phenomenon through new business models which can deliver value to both prosumers and the energy system.

Publication date: April 2020

Author: Donal Brown,Stephen Hall, MarkE. Davis Moritz Ehrtmann, Lars Holstenkamp

Language: English