Pluralising the European energy landscape: Collective renewable energy prosumers and the EU's clean energy vision


To fulfil the European Union’s (EU) goal of providing ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’, a transformative shift from centralised, fossil-fuel based systems to decentralised systems based on renewable energy sources (RES) is envisaged. Keen to lead the clean energy transition while embedding technological innovation and elements of justice and equitability into the envisioned ‘Energy Union’, EU Member States need their citizens on board as active participants. Prosumerism or self-consumption is an important part of this citizen involvement. While the new EU regulatory framework for energy now recognises civic-inspired prosumer initiatives such as energy communities, little is known about the full range and diversity of collective actors in renewable energy self- consumption as well as how they engage with the changing energy system.

This paper presents an exploratory categorisation of the different collective social actors that produce and consume energy from renewable sources, referred to as ‘collective RES prosumers’, aiming to clarify their participation in the energy landscape. It finds six categories with different engagement and needs, which are related to the EU’s current framing of collective energy actors. It is recommended to fine-tune policies to the different actors to support a true-to-vision transposition of the recently completed Clean Energy Package (CEP).

Publication date: 2021

Author: Lanka Horstink, Julia Wittmayer and Kiat Ng

Language: English