Integrated lessons learned for renewable energy prosumer futures across Europe


This deliverable reports on the work carried out in PROSEU WP7 “Living Labs: Lessons learned and recommendations for mainstreaming the participation of citizens in the Energy Union, specifically, in task 7.3 “Meta-analysis, lessons learned and recommendations for Living Labs”.

The purpose of this document is to make available the results of the evaluation of the 15 PROSEU RES Living Labs developed over two years in nine EU countries (Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK). This evaluation is based on the feedback received from Living Labs participants (i.e., collective prosumers, stakeholders) and PROSEU researchers and practitioners involved. Additionally, inputs from relevant actors working on or interested in RES prosumerism at the EU level and abroad, who participated in the 4th international workshop on Participatory Integrated Assessment (PIA) of Incentive Structures organised by PROSEU (in the context of WP6), have been analysed and incorporated into the evaluation.

Publication date: February 2021

Author: Esther Marín González, Inês Campos

Language: English