Guidance for national transposition of new EU directives relating to renewable energy prosumers (Policy Brief)

Policy Brief

This policy brief provides information on the progress in transposition of new EU provisions on energy communities by six EU Member States (Belgium (the Walloon and Brussels regions), France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain) and formulates transposition recommendations for them.

The analysis presented in the brief are based on information collected through interviews with national stakeholders, analysis of National Energy and Climate Plans and punctual examination of existing national legislation. Results reflect the situation as in September 2020 (with an update for Germany dated November 2020).

Transposition recommendations are formulated for each country separately and, in addition, are grouped together, to provide joint recommendations that could potentially be also applicable to other Member States.

Publication date: November 2020

Author: Toporek, M, Provost, L.

Language: English