Co-learning and co-creation experiences with renewable energy prosumer Living Labs across Europe


prosumer projects rely on the participation of a number of diverse stakeholders to be effective and empowering citizens to become active contributors to the energy transition is a process subject to many different kinds of enabling and constraining conditions. Going beyond just the generation of decentralised renewable energy, collective prosumerism contributes to community building by bringing together many people from local communities and beyond.

This character of prosumerism as a collective endeavour has been reflected through the PROSEU RES Living Labs as spaces where innovative solutions for supporting new, or existing project were sought after and co-created with all those involved. To facilitate such co-creation and co-learning experiences, PROSEU facilitated 15 Living Labs across 9 European countries by bringing together stakeholders and to “fuelling” the Living Labs with insights from the project’s different Work Packages. To facilitate this, a common methodology was created ensuring that all Living Labs shared the same analytical framework, but were nonetheless able to freely focus on overcoming their context-specific barriers choosing formats and tools most suitable to them.

The work in the Living Labs has triggered tangible momentum with many up-and-coming prosumer initiatives planning on continuing their journey even beyond PROSEU’s lifetime.

Publication date: October 2020

Author: ICLEI Europe

Language: English