Charging the future: Roadmaps and value tensions for mainstreaming prosumerism to 2030 and 2050


This report presents the outcomes of a participatory process in which these multiple development paths and futures of prosumer business models, social dynamics, and technical systems were explored with a wide range of stakeholders. First, we outline the objective of the report and the process of the Participatory Integrated Assessment (PIA) (Section 1). Second, we discuss six leverage points, or ‘buttons to switch’ for affecting the future, which were distilled from the rich outcomes of this participatory process (Section 2). Third, we highlight three key value tensions which underlie these leverage points, and for which value prioritisations will need to be made. Once a decision has been made on what the desired direction for the future is, readers can refer to the respective roadmap associated with that future (Section 3). Fourth, 10 provocations for mainstreaming prosumerism towards 2050 are presented: a conversation tool which can be used to discuss what a preferred future for prosumerism looks like (Section 4). Fifth, and finally, we provide inspiration for how to put the provocations to use through appreciative inquiry (Section 5). 

This report serves multiple audiences and interests. Therefore, we have broken down the structure of the report into several sections. You can read these separately, depending on what you want to know about the future of mainstreaming prosumerism in Europe.

Publication date: February 2021

Author: Tessa de Geus, Julia Wittmayer, Fabi van Berkel (DRIFT)

Language: English