14 January 2019

Survey of RES prosumers from all over Europe is coming to an end

PROSEU’s Europe-wide survey, on the demographics of collective renewable energy prosumer initiatives, is drawing to a close. The minimum number of respondents (150 in 9 European countries: BE, DE, ES, FR, HR, IT, The NL, PT and The UK) has been surpassed. Currently, close to 200 collective prosumer initiatives have helped PROSEU to understand what drives them and how they work.

According to PROSEU, prosumers in the field of renewable energy may be defined as individual or collective energy users (such as energy cooperatives and energy communities) who both produce and consume energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES). The survey is looking at not only prosumer motivations and opportunities, but also at the challenges they face in setting up and running their initiatives. This is as these initiatives are operating in a changing political and legislative context, in which the consequences of human-induced climate change are becoming ever more evident.

In most European countries the total number of renewable energy cooperatives and communities, as well as other types of RES self-consumption initiatives, is increasing. These actors could be instrumental in achieving the transition from fossil fuel-based energy sources to clean, low-carbon energy sources. To support the development of new policies for RES prosumers, it is important to increase the amount of knowledge that exists with respect to the economic, financial, technological and cultural factors that are driving the development and consolidation of Renewable Energy Initiatives.

The survey will stay open until the 31st of January 2019. Any renewable energy initiatives that would like to help us map and characterise collective forms of RES Prosumerism are invited to use the following link to complete the questionnaire: www.survey.project-manager.net