11 May 2020

Pathways to a new energy model in São Luís

The last Living lab session with the São Luís "Energia com Alegria" (Energy with Joy) community on 9 May 2020, took the form of an e-workshop organised with the Transição São Luís (Transition Town São Luís) in Portugal, to continue contributing to the process of co-creating a new energy community in the village, which started in 2012.

During the session, the newly approved legislation on renewable energy communities and collective self-consumption was explained and the results of the modelling and simulation (developed by the PROSEU project team) of the energy system in São Luís were presented. Drawing on the models for different pathways for a new energy model in São Luís, 24 participants (including representatives of the municipality and local parish), discussed the different possibilities for a new energy future, and as a first step the submission of two proposals for the local Participatory Budget, which will enable kick-starting this community. The session included some graphical annotations. (courtesy of GAIA Alentejo and Sara Serrão) More news to come soon with a link to the final modelling report and open source software for simulating new renewable energy communities.

For the first meeting of the renewable energy community in São Luís village, you can read this article on our website.

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