24 January 2019

Launch of Prosumer Community of Interest

Are you a renewable energy prosumer initiative? Are you supporting such initiatives in one way or another? If so, then you might be interested in joining PROSEU’s Prosumer Community of Interest! Its purpose is to connect RES Prosumer initiatives and their stakeholders, to allow them to network and to exchange knowledge and experiences.

The prosumer community of interest is open to any prosumer initiative that is independent, public, collective and renewable energy focused. The community is also open to RES prosumer support or facilitation organisations and any other RES prosumer stakeholders who are willing to cooperate and exchange with other collective RES prosumer initiatives.

What’s in it for you?

  • All members of the Community of Interest will be featured in an interactive map posted on the PROSEU Website;
  • Members will be the first to receive invitations to workshops where they can exchange knowledge with other RES Prosumers and renewable energy stakeholders that are located in the same region as them and who work with similar energy sources and/or working structures;
  • Members will receive advice on how to develop strategies to overcome the barriers and challenges that they face, as well as advice on how to identify opportunities;
  • Members will contribute to research and they will get the latest research results first-hand.

Contact us: info@proseu.eu

Join our LinkedIn group: www.linkedin.com/groups/8699249/